This is an article from Pirates of the Caribbean:On Stranger Tides. For the real pirate Blackbeard, see Edward Teach.

Blackbeard was the main enemy in Pirates of the Caribbean:On Stranger Tides. His daughter is Angelica who is a lady from Jack's past. 
His weapon is the magic Sword of Triton which can control his ship, Queen Anne's Revenge. He was told by his quartermaster that he will be killed by the one-legged man (Barbossa) so he takes the quest for the Fountain of Youth, to make him immortal.

After relocating the Queen Anne's Revenge to a protected cove of the island, Blackbeard and his men came inland to continue their quest. They needed to find the Santiago, a ship captained by Ponce de León which was stranded somewhere on the island. The two Chalices of Cartagena, another important item needed for the ritual, were hidden aboard the ship, and Blackbeard had to find them. Jack used his compass to find the chalices, until they came across a horrid obstacle: a broken bridge. Jack had to jump off to get the chalices, ordered by Blackbeard. Jack refuses, prompting to Blackbeard tell his quartermaster to bring 6 pistols, unloading all but 2 without revealing to anyone which are loaded and which aren't. He points a pistol at Angelica and tells Jack to jump, or he'll shoot her. Blackbeard fires the 1st one and it doesnt shoot. When Jack says they aren't really loaded, Blackbeard takes another pistol and shoots a tree. Jack jumps.

"I need those Chalices."


"Shoot, it will save me the bother of a fall"

"You will go. You will return. Or I will kill her.

"....You wouldn't kill your own daughter."

"Quartermaster. Get me six pistols, remove the shot from all but two, but do not tell me which two."

-Blackbeard and Jack Sparrow.

Angelica seems to be the only thing he really cares about in his life. He even admits to Jack that she was the only thing he's done right in his life, although he apparently cares about himself more then Angelica. For at the Fountain of Youth when he gets cut by Barbossa's poisoned cutlass, Angelica runs over to her father and gets cut also. Jack runs to fill up a chalice with water and the tear that Syrena gave Jack to heal either Blackbeard or Angelica. Angelica tells Jack to give the one with the tear to her father and save him and tells her father to drink the tear. Blackbeard grabs the chalice from Jack's hand and drinks it. Although devastated that her father has picked his own life over hers, she is happy. Jack admits that he may have mixed up the chalices. Angelica's wound heals while Blackbeard dies, consumed by a swirling vortex of water that pours from the fountain.

Blackbeards Death

Blackbeard dies at the Fountain of Youth

"Trickster! Devil!" -Blackbeard's final words to Jack sparrow