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While de Berry worked on the docks, a captain of a merchant ship took a shine to her and kidnapped her. He forced Charlotte to marry him and took her on his trip to Africa. To escape her new husband, who was a brutal rapist tyrant, de Berry gained respect from the crew and made them commit mutiny. She decapitated her husband and became captain of the ship, disguised once again as a man and taking the alias Captain Rodolph.

After years of pirating, she fell in love with a Spainard, Armelio Gonzalez, and they married. Later their boat shipwrecked,and some men of the crew, including Charlotte and Armelio, got on a raft. When their food ran out, they were forced to go to cannibalism! They drew straws to see who would be picked, to Charlotte's unbelieveable horror, her husband Armelio was chosen. Soon after, the survivors were rescued by a Dutch ship, which was then attacked by pirates.They bravely defended their rescuers. Afterwards Charlotte jumped overboard to join her husband in death. No one knows if she survived or not, although if no one knows and nobody ever saw her again, then she probably didnt. Though most of her items were sold by her crewmates after her dissapearence, there are many still being shipped. Her sister, Maria is said to have given birth to what would be de Berry's niece but some believe she had a child with Armelio and left the child with a trusted crew mate.


Charlotte decapitating her husband.