• This flag belonged to the most sucessful pirate, Black Bart Roberts!
  • Henry Morgan was proud to fly under this flag.
  • This flag belonged to Stede Bonnet
  • This fantastic flag was owned by Thomas Tew.
  • William Dampier was the proud owner of this flag.
  • This mighty Colour was sailed by Edward Low
  • Henry Avery's flag.
  • The mighty pirates Anne Bonny,Mary Read and '" Calico " Jack Rackham
  • The legendary Blackbeard had this flag.
  • Many people think this is a classic pirate flag,Jolly Roger, but it was owned by many many many pirates
  • Christopher Moody
  • Bandanna Roger
  • Christopher Condent
  • Captain Dulaien
  • Emanuel Wynne
  • Richard Worley
  • Bartholomew Roberts 2nd flag
  • (Fiction) Jack Sparrow's Flag
  • And this,is the Anything Pirates Wiki colours.
Pirate flags, or Colours were hoisted up at the top of the middle mast to show who they were, to the right will show famous pirate's Colours.

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