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A Guiness World Record holder, 8,734 people dressed like pirates in one place.

There were many, many pirates, but some of them broke records and stand out.


The Largest Loot HaulEdit

The largest loot haul was aboard the Nostra Senhora De Cabo, a Portugeuse vessel captured by Captain John Taylor in 1721, which had $950,00 in diamonds and jewelry, and an extra $715,000 in cargo!

The Most Sucessful PirateEdit

The title goes to a tie between? Henry MorganBartholomew Roberts and Captain John Taylor, for Roberts captured over 400 ships in three and a half years before his death in 1722, while Taylor got the largest haul as seen above, and Morgan was extremely crafty and was sent to the tower of london, and then sent to Jamaica as it's Governor!

The Least Sucessful PirateEdit

This title goes to? Edward England without a doubt, whos continous mercy towards prisoners instead of torturing them into reavealing their treasure made his crew express their feeling by marooning him on the island of Mauritius.

The Cruelest PirateEdit

This is a tie between Edward Low and Francois L'Olloinais, for Low tied his cook to the mast of a ship and burned the ship down saying that the cook was a "Greasy fellow and would fry well!" and L'Ollonais stuck lit macthes between the fingers of his victims to torture them into telling them where their hidden treasure was.

The Most Infamous PirateEdit

This title goes undoubtley to? Edward "Blackbeard" Teach, who's story has been told in hundreads of different versions and name echos down to this day.

The Best Dressed PirateEdit

This honour goes to Bartholomew Roberts who liked to dress in expensive clothing and jewelry, during battle he wore a red damask waistcoat, breeches, a red feather in his hat, a gold chain around his neck with a diamond cross that was made for the King of Portugal. He was wearing this when he died in battle in 1722, when his throat was torn out by a grapeshot, and his crew granted his was of throwing his body overboard rather then letting it hang in chains.