Who Sammy was in life is not known. What Sammy is now is not really known either. A living skeleton? A manifestation of dark and ancient sea spirits? A puppet under the control of El Fantasma? What does matter is that he has command of all military operations for El Fantasma’s Cursed fleet.

Here is a Story of 1 encounter of Sammy the Skull.

"I request parley with your captain," Johann Sussler calmly told the man who held a saber to his throat. Sussler knew how to handle pirates: he had not lost a ship or crew yet.

"Parley!" the pirate boomed, and Sussler wondered if he saw a flash of barely hidden amusement on his face. The fighting on the ship slowed and eventually stopped. "Call the captain!"

Sussler noted the poor condition and lack of a flag on the pirate ship. These scum just want some easy gold, and I have maps doctored for such occasions. We'll be heading to port by nightfall, He thought.

"Captain coming aboard!"

The footfalls from the makeshift bridge were slow and deliberate, nearly a shuffle.

What appeared was nothing more than a skeleton - a set of bones in human form wearing the clothes of a long-dead naval captain. Sussler felt bile rise to his throat and had to swallow hard to keep from vomiting.

The captain held a sway over the entire deck. A wave of fear seemed to follow from his glowing eye sockets. Sussler heard his men begin to cry.

A raspy, dry voice of command, starting soft and then becoming louder than it had any right to be, emanated from the feind's skull. "Who has requested parley with Admiral Sammy the skull, naval commander under the great El Fantasma, Lord of the Seas?"

And then Sussler saw the blood red Flag of El Fantasma being raised high on the ship, and he knew then that he and his crew would not live another day.

Story written by Pirates of the Cursed Seas Fire&Steel Searies Constructible Strategy Game. Edit