A gold charm

Pirates were extremely superstitous, and had legends, and believed certain things gave bad luck, and certain things gave good luck.

Good LuckEdit

  1. A figurehead of a naked woman was rumored to calm the sea and open her eyes to safety.
  2. Dolphins swimming along with the ship were good luck.
  3. Gold earrings were said to ward off bad luck, gold hoop earrings were more effective.
  4. Tattoos were met to ward off evil spirits.
  5. Spitting in the ocean before you sail bring good luck to all.
  6. Throwing coins in the seas before a voyage went to Neptune and a safe voyage was given in exchange
  7. Putting a horseshoe on the mast ward off storms
  8. Cats were lucky, if a cat came up to you on board, it met good luck was coming
  9. A child being born on board was an awful lot of good luck the term "Son of a Gun" comes from this
  10. Pouring wine on the deck gives a good voyage

Bad LuckEdit

  1. Taking a woman on-board distracted the crew and brought the ship to peril
  2. No cutting hair or nails while at sea, it would make Neptune angry and bring bad luck.
  3. It was bad luck to start a voyage on a Friday.
  4. Stay away from redheads when starting a voyage.
  5. If you are a Scottish fisherman, and catch a left boot instead of a fish, you can alot of bad luck.
  6. Bad luck to name your ship for an engaged woman, it will make your ship jealous.
  7. It was extremely bad luck to have a priest on your ship.
  8. It was bad luck to change the name of your ship while at sea.
  9. Killing a seagull, albatross, or swallow during a voyage was bad luck, for Seabirds were thought to carry the souls of dead sailors.
  10. Rats leaving a ship.
  11. To name the boat with a word ending in "a" was bad luck.

Luck of DeathEdit

  1. A ship's bell ringing without someone doing it is a sign of someone dying soon.
  2. Disaster will follow if you step on a boat with your left foot first.
  3. A stone thrown over a vessel leaving docks means the ship will never return.
  4. The word "drown" can never be spoken at sea, for it jinxed a crewmate falling overboard and drowning.
  5. A shark following in the ship met death, manta rays were even more unlucky.


  1. If a woman sees a robin on Valentine's Day, it means she will marry a sailor, if she sees a sparrow, she will marry a poor man and be very happy. If she sees a goldfinch, she will marry a very rich man.
  2. A red sunset implies a fantastic day will come, if there is a red sunrise it will indicate storms and such.