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    Back by new years

    December 10, 2013 by Black Angel BR

    Sorry i havent been around. There's just been a lot going on in my house for about a year so I couldn't handle the wiki. IF you guys let me though, I'd like to come back. And I can by New Year's

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  • Black Angel BR

    Hey Guys! It's time for a Christmas contest! On the comment list, send in a poem, pic, screenshot from a game whatever! I'll judge, and it'll be announced on December 10th!


    1st place: Chatmod for a month!

    2nd place: chatmod for 2 weeks

    3rd place: chatmod for a week.

    God luck to all! Merry Christmas! 

    Contest ends December 26th, and must be related to Christmas.

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  • Black Angel BR
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  • Black Angel BR


    November 12, 2012 by Black Angel BR

    guns (do seperately)

    ships (do seperately)

    swords (do serperately)

    William Kidd

    Roch Brasiliano

    Howel Davis

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  • Black Angel BR

    Jack Rackham Page

    November 10, 2012 by Black Angel BR

    Hey guys, we have two different pages, John Rackham and Jack Rackham, both on the same guy, Anne Bonny's lover. We can only have one page, so take your vote!

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