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An image of the Whydah Gally in all its glory.

The Whydah Galley was the 3rd and final flagship of the notorious pirate from th 1700s, Black Sam.

Commsioned in 1715 ,The Whydah was a slave ship first launched from London, England. It was a square-rigged ship with 3 masts and oculd travel up to 13 knots which is 14.95 miles an hour quite fast for a ship form back then. The vessel was configured a heavily-armed trading and transport ship for use in the Atlantic Slave Trade,carrying goods form England to West Afirca.It would then travel to the Caribbean to trade slaves for precious metals,indigo,sugar and medicanal ingredients which would then be transported back to England.Fitted with a complement of an 18 6-pound cannons which could be increased to a total of 28 in a time of war, The Whydah represented one of the most advanced weapon systems of it's time.In late Febuary 1717, The Whydah, under the command of Captain Lawrence Prince, was navigating the Windward Passage between Cuba and Hispaniola, when it was attacked by pirates led by Black Samuel Bellamy.


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The Whydah shipwreck on display at Expedition Whydah in Massacheusetts

Things to Know Edit

  • The wreckage was discovered in 1984 and is on display at Expedition Whydah
  • Was one of the few pirate ships to formely be slave ships.
  • It is one of 3 ships Black Sam used the others being The Mary Anne and the Sultana

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